Furniture Trends 2022

The 50th CIFF(China International furniture fair) Shanghai just closed on September 8th. Though there were not so many exhibitors and visitors as before the covid-19 pandemic, it reveals the design trends from the supply end. Let’s have a quick view.

Minimalism & Light Luxury

The design trends on China furniture market shift about every two years. European classic, Scandi, boho, mid-century modern, American style, french style, Chinese style, simplified European style, simplified American style, and Chinese style., etc. Each style had its time in the China furniture market.

From CIFF Shanghai 2022, we can see that minimalism and light luxury is the current trends that dominate the market. Specifically, it varies from minimalism, light luxury, and a mix of minimalism & light luxury.

Except for the shift of style, there are also new trends in major aspects such as colors, materials, finishes, and form as well.

Brighter Colors

When mentioning high-end contemporary furniture in the past. What’s the most common word about color can you think of? Your answer will probably be black, white, and grey.

This time, we are happy to see brighter colors at different brands. Green, orange, red, yellow., etc.

Curved Lines dominates

Unlike the traditional sectionals, love seats or sofas where square dominates.

We saw new shapes and forms. Curved lines dominate sofa designs, even on wooden furniture and metal furniture, curved lines which require advanced CNC manufacturing processes are more popular.

It reveals the upgrade in the design concept, manufacturing abilities, and quality of China’s furniture manufacturing industry.

Form & Function

A masterpiece of minimalist furniture design looks fantastic with its simple and clean lines, but many times, we have to sacrifice comfort.

BMS is able to improve comfort with small innovations to well balance the form and function of furniture.

Bouclé is the new fashion

Bouclé becomes popular since 2021, it has become the new fashion on the show. We can find sofas made of boucle fabric at each brand.

Sintered stone & Natural Stone

Sintered stone and natural stone replaced solid wood and veneer as new top materials for tables becomes popular since 2021, it is also the new fashion on CIFF Shanghai, 2022.

Natural stones with different patterns and textures add a touch of luxury and rareness to the furniture.

Would you like to have more information about the furniture trends on the supply end from China? Contact us to download the catalog for BMS’s new furniture designs from CIFF Shanghai, and have a chat with me. Maybe I can help you save a month searching for the right supplier.

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