The value we bring to our product quality is consistent with industry standards. We guarantee that every product will reflect and help boost the value of your brand.

Trusted QC System

Trained and certified to maintain peak quality in our products, our experts make sure that all of our furniture items follow industry standards through various inspections and tests.

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    Experienced Workers

    Our craftsmen have more than 10 years' experience in the industry.

  • Excellent QC Team

    QC members with the average industry experience of 8 years.

  • Complete Set of Certificates

    EPA, CARB, RoHS, REACH, and other certifications for different materials.

  • Sophisticated Machines

    We Introduce advanced machines to improve efficiency and accuracy.

  • 100% Full-Inspection

    100% inspection by professional QC staff.

  • Well-Known Suppliers

    Novatex, Mayafab, Zhida, and the others.

Sophisticated Furniture Craftsmanship

Tests Made Throughout the Production

Our quality control teams are certified and trained to conduct thorough inspections on every aspect of production and guarantee that our furniture meets industry standards and performs optimally.

Structure Inspection

Structure Inspection

Using a measuring ruler to check the dimensional accuracy of the wooden structure, we determine its security by checking for the presence of bark and the exposed of gun nails.

A moisture tester guarantees the specified measurements. 8-12 degrees moisture content is met to guarantee the wooden frame’s durability and longer life.

MDF Inspection

MDF Inspection

All medium density fiberboards must meet the board length and width tolerance of 0 ~ + 5mm / m, edge straightness: ± 1.0mm / 1000m and other measurements.

When they follow the requirements of GB / T15102-2006, our MDFs last long in any condition and are compatible with quality veneers.

Fabric Inspection

Fabric Inspection

QC teams see to it that dimensions and cuts meet industry standards before production is done. We also take color-difference measurements to ensure the fabric colors can meet your needs.

We conduct color and water wash tests to ensure the surface of the cloth does not fade. Alternatively, we wipe any traces of dirt away with white cloth and gloves.

Sponge Inspection

Sponge Inspection

Sponges are checked for their size, shape, density, tensile strength and thickness deviation to see if they can help your furniture provide the right comfort.

If you have special requirements for the sponge, they need to pass the flame retardant test. We can then glue the sponges to the frames once they pass through all checks.

Hardware Inspection

Hardware Inspection

We guarantee that the structural dimensions of our parts are consistent with the contract or sealed samples.

We promise that the accessories are clean and bright coated. All product parts must be punched accurately and without burrs in order to maintain.

Packaging Inspection

Packaging Inspection

After production and finished product inspection, we check every package to see if product specifications or instructions and accessories are added together with the product itself.

Layers of packaging are further added to protect your items from the effects of extrusion and collision as they are being shipped.

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