Rapid Customization

Whether aiming for form, function, or a mixture of both, BMS makes sure your furniture will complement your target market’s demands.

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The RIght Size, All the Time

Our extensive customization feature gives you the freedom to create unique furniture solutions that will fit your target market. Simply provide us with the exact dimensions that you need for your furniture project, and our skilled team will turn it into reality.

Personalized Colors

Choose the ideal color and pattern from a wide array of fabric samples to complement what your market is after. With an assortment of combinations available, there is always a unique product to present for you to introduce.

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Control the Comfort

Studies show that different comfort levels greatly benefit various types of customers. With the ability to control the comfort level of your furniture with different filling materials , you can create customized products for a wide range of consumers.

BMS furniture customization

Your Partner in Building Signature OEM Furniture

Turn your design ideas into tangible, marketable furniture with the help of BMS. Send us your design documents and we can manufacture them based on your specifications. Our experienced team is also on deck, prepared to optimize your idea and turn it into ideal furniture for your market.

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Our furniture come from the minds of BMS' respected designers with more than 30 years' experience in the industry.

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BMS designers would love to add their imaginative but professional ideas to your design selection and customization.

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