BMS manufactures minimalistic yet exquisite furniture pieces from quality-tested materials and using advanced techniques from the industry.

Capable Manufacturing of Quality Furniture

BMS focuses on the details to produce quality furniture. Manufacturing large sets of furniture annually at peak quality is possible through our precision machinery, efficient team, and superior materials .

Advanced Sofas and Beds Manufacturing Techniques

Consistency is key for every step taken. BMS follows strict industry standards in the cutting, framing, sewing, filling, and packaging to get you high-performance furniture.

BMS furniture manufacturing cutting


Wood and fabric materials are cut to shape using high-powered precision cutting tools, producing accurate and efficient pieces that fit perfectly. These pieces are then scanned for any damage, scars of blemishes, that can be removed for a better final product.

BMS furniture manufacturing framing


Structures are formed with the help of our accurate nail guns and are shaped consistently by our workers to meet a dimensional error margin of ± 2MM. Once done, our structures will no longer make any sounds when shaken and will be stable.

BMS furniture manufacturing fabric sewing

Fabric Sewing

Seamlessly sewing cut fabrics together through flat and even stitching ensures quality and prevents defects from appearing. We maximize the amount of fabric for a higher output of furniture pieces through our electric high-speed lockstitch machines.

BMS furniture manufacturing filling


A layer of polyurethane foam is cut and attached to the board, followed by the springs and serpentine nets to keep secure each seat. For our seat bags, we add latex materials to give them added stability for longer periods. Filling allows our furniture pieces to maintain a precise shape and fit specified sizes for the comfort your end users seek.

BMS furniture manufacturing upholstery


Adding furniture coverings to our filled seats gives every sofa and furniture piece excellent cushioning and elegant appearance. Our upholstery increases service life for your furniture line while delivering on the comfort and appearance effect your end users seek.

BMS furniture manufacturing packaging


Covering our furniture pieces with a non-woven cover prevents dust from entering. Wrapping cardboard around the sofa body and feet protects the corners from damages. All furniture pieces are cushioned with cotton felt bags and PP woven bags while shipping marks are pasted on the packaging.

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Steps In Our Panel Furniture Manufacturing Process

We consistently follow our high-end manufacturing process carefully in making our durable and stable panel furniture easy to assemble and pack.

  • Cutting

  • Sanding

  • Veneering

  • Edge Banding

  • Drilling

  • Painting

  • Packaging


Our workers cut the panels for our furniture with high-precision cutting saws to get the exact measurements. Since our panel furniture has a simple structure to work on, we are able to make more panels at a fast rate and save much in materials.

BMS furniture manufacturing cutting


During sanding, our wooden boards are polished and cleaned to remove any defects in preparation for veneering. All boards are sanded so that they are flat and leveled carefully. The thorough sanding preserves the quality of the wood and ensures that your furniture items last longer.

BMS furniture manufacturing sanding


To provide greater protection and improve the aesthetics of our furniture, we use imported oak veneer treatment on the artificial surfaces for greater stability. Through our veneering, your furniture items will have a glossy appearance to match your design vision while serving you for longer periods.

BMS furniture manufacturing veneering

Edge Banding

Gluing and pressing veneer against the rims of medium density fiberboards (MDFs) creates durable and aesthetically-pleasing trim edges. Our edge banding process increases the service life of your furniture items with the stability offered by the edges.

BMS furniture manufacturing edge banding


Multi-axis drills are used to turn holes in board furniture, that is, to drill various joint holes and mortise on the board.

The size of the hole and the center distance must be accurate, and the edge of the hole must be smooth. Otherwise, the assembly quality of the entire furniture will be affected.

BMS furniture manufacturing drilling


BMS panel furniture products go through 6 paint treatments, including 9 large processes, more than a dozen small processes: sanding, primer coating, secondary sanding, secondary coating, sanding with fine sandpaper, color correction with color water (essential oil), secondary fine sandpaper polishing, varnishing, and drying.

BMS furniture manufacturing painting


Flatpacks are utilized in the packing of our furniture pieces in order to save on costs and increase the amount of container loading. Keeping your panel furniture safe and easy to unload, our flatpacks are guaranteed to make your delivered items ready for assembly.

BMS furniture manufacturing packaging

We Focus on Each Detail in the Process

As a furniture manufacturer , BMS pays attention to every detail in the manufacturing process. With the experience of our workforce and the consistency of our machinery, we are able to produce a large volume of furniture yearly to meet demands.

“Our capability to produce for global markets is supported thanks to our trusted workforce and the easy maintenance of our machinery.”

BMS Production Supervisor

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