Design Philosophy

BMS stands out as a bright star in the furniture industry. We aim to help your business improve the lives of global customers to greater levels of simplicity and comfort.


BMS Furniture owns 2 showrooms with a total area of 15000sqm. Designed and decorated with new trends which perfectly presents the essence of BMS furniture. Welcome to visit our showroom any time you are in China.

BMS furniture design

Talented, Experienced Design Team

Having over 30 years of experience molded our team of designers to take on the challenges of the industry and understand changing market trends. We have impeccable taste and excellent accuracy in measuring product sizes and proportions for every furniture item.

A Deeper Look into BMS ‘Design Philosophy’

Imagine a future where your business can make an impact on households and workplaces. With BMS, you can supply your customer base with comfortable furniture that makes every home and office more exquisite and orderly.

Our product line focuses on satisfying your design needs by combining the best parts of traditional aesthetics and minimalist features. All aspects of our design express contemporary lifestyle with slick lines and pure shapes to emphasize modern simplicity.

With some decorative jewelry and trinkets, our designer furniture can help make a life for your end-users more atmospheric and comfortable.

Collaborate with us and help shape the industry for more peaceful homes.

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  • BMS furniture design
  • BMS furniture design

Market-Reaching Designs

Learning from the trends of the market and the needs of our industry’s clients, our designers come up with eye-catching designs to help your brand reach out to your customers.

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Free Customization Solution

Our furniture come from the minds of BMS' respected designers with more than 30 years' experience in the industry.

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BMS designers would love to add their imaginative but professional ideas to your design selection and customization.

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