BMS treats each furniture project as a valuable art piece. As such, we only use the best materials in creating magnificent pieces of art.

Materials Impact the Furniture Industry

Choosing the right materials is an integral part of the furniture industry. Your target market and goals heavily influence the materials used for the project.

BMS furniture application
  • Appearance

    Choosing bright, colorful fabrics and premium, imported wood, improve the aesthetics of your furniture, while adding a luxurious feel to the final product.

  • Function

    Preferring durable fabrics, sturdy wood pieces, and high-quality filling materials allow your furniture to consistently perform and last for a long time.

Wood Materials

With different types to choose from, wood materials add a natural and organic feel to most furniture. Working with solid wood allows for more creativity, as it can be refinished multiple times if chipped or damaged without compromising the quality.

Our Russian Pine timbers and American Oak veneers are sourced from trusted suppliers, guaranteeing quality.

Fabric Materials

Having a pool of reliable suppliers gives us access to various premium-quality natural and chemical fibers to use based on client needs. Fabrics are routinely tested within the facility to ensure they are thick, durable, and wear resistance.

For particular requests , we also have specialized fabrics that offer various features like thermal conductivity, added elasticity, and anti-static.

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Parallel Laying

Unique to BMS is the CE parallel mesh technology used within every sofa seat.

Applied to add breathability, aesthetics, and protection, these parallel mesh layers are made from imported high-manganese steel wires that are connected to the bottom of the sofa. They distribute the stress points evenly along the sofa, reducing friction and adding comfort.


BMS offers a selection of filler material that is used to control the comfort level of your furniture. The most common material is the sponge-soft polyurethane foam that gives a multi-layer compression system.

Humanely-gathered duck and goose down provide breathable and eco-friendly alternatives, while naturally-procured latex has high elastic and anti-bacterial properties. There are also artificial silk floss and memory foam fillers available.


The springs used for our furniture projects go through quality testing to make sure they have consistent results.

Made from imported high-carbon steel, these springs are heat and oxidation-resistant, along with no-noise processing. They also utilize Honda’s unique G-CON system that makes them capable of absorbing strong impacts without damage, being the first of its kind for a sofa.

  • BMS furniture springs
  • BMS furniture springs

Auxiliary Materials

In addition to our standard line of materials, we also stock on several auxiliary materials for creating tables and storage units.

Ceramic and porcelain slates, used for coffee tables and kitchen boards, are fully customizable, have high-temperature resistance, and eco-friendly. We also use paints bright-colored that meet RoHS and REACH standards.

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