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Are you sourcing furniture from furniture manufacturers in China? It helps a lot knowing the top furniture brands though they are sometimes having high requirements on cooperation.

Table of contents

  • Turnover for top 10 China Furniture Manufacturers
  • Brief Introduction on top 10 China Furniture Manufacturers
  • -Oppein Kitchen
  • -Kuka Furniture
  • -Suofeiya Home Collection
  • -Markor Furniture
  • -Yihua Lifestyle
  • -Sleemon Mattress
  • -Yotrio Furniture
  • -Qumei Furniture
  • -Mlily Mattress
  • -Henglin Home Furnishings

1. Turnover for top 10 China Furniture Manufacturers

There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes. Everyone has his/ her own list of the top 10 China furniture manufacturers. It is sometimes quite subjective. As I have been working in the China furniture industry for more than 10 years, I will do my best to be objective. Here I have listed the top 10 China furniture manufacturers and factories based on their annual turnover (2019 for now).

Though the high turnover does not mean high quality, it makes sense when you are sourcing furniture from China.

RankManufacturer nameTurnover (Billion RMB)Segment
1Oppein Kitchen13.533Kitchen Cabinet
2Kuka Furniture11.094Home Furniture
3Suofeiya Home Collection7.686Wardrobe
4Markor Furniture5.588Home Furniture
5Yihua Lifestyle5.244Home Furniture
6Sleemon Mattress4.871Mattress
7Yotrio Furniture4.685Outdoor furniture
8Qumei Furniture4.279Home Furniture
9Mlily Mattress3.832Mattress
10Henglin Home Furnishings2.904Office Furniture

Table #1: Top 10 China Furniture Manufacturers

Editors note: There are also other good furniture factories in China that are not listed on the top 10 china furniture manufacturers. If you want to know more, you may contact us for a free consultation.

2. Brief Introduction for top 10 China furniture manufacturers

No.1: Oppein Kitchen

Brief Introduction:

China furniture manufacturers-oppein furniture

Founded in 1994, OPPEIN is a leading cabinetry manufacturer in China which ranks number 1 in the top China furniture manufacturer list. It started with the modern industrial kitchen manufacturing and now has expanded to other cabinet categories such as tv cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom vanities, and other loose furniture (Outsourced). OPPEIN supplies all kinds of cabinets for both house owners and residential projects, such as custom kitchen cabinets, custom tv cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom vanities, and more. OPPEIN also provides a customized whole-house solution to meet all your needs. Different from standard furniture, OPPEIN devotes itself to custom-made solutions based on the given dimensions.

Key products

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Wardrobes
  • Bathroom Cabinets
  • Interior Doors

Oppein Advantages

1. Intelligent manufacturing.

Oppein is a modern cabinetry furniture manufacturer in China which is equipped with advanced automatic production lines. It mainly adopts German HOMAG machines to ensure manufacturing preciseness and stability.

It also takes advantage of big data and cloud computing to build its information system to improve production efficiency and customization.

2. High production capacity & flexibility

Oppein kitchen is the largest cabinetry manufacturer in Asia. It has a large production capacity featured as below:

  • Kitchens: 3000 sets / day
  • Bathroom vanities: 1600 sets /day
  • Interior doors: 2300 sets/ day

Speak of the flexibility, oppein offers many colors and materials options featured as below:

  • 15 types of material
  • 300+ modules
  • 245 colors
3. One-stop solution

While the key products for Oppein are the kitchen, wardrobe, bathroom and, interior door, it also provides other furniture for the entire interior projects.

No.2: Kuka Furniture

Brief Introduction:

China furniture manufacturers_kuka furniture

Kuka home furniture is a leading upholstery furniture manufacturer in China. It ranks number 2 on the top china furniture factories list. Founded in 1982, Kuka furniture has become a world-class player and is now one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world. With over 6000 brand stores and wholesale customers in 120 countries, KUKA products can be found in millions of homes around the world. KUKA HOME is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code 603816).

With the fast development of China’s furniture industry, Kuka not only has manufacturing facilities in 5 locations in China but also has factories in Mexico and Vietnam. According to the Kuka management team, it will set more overseas factories to optimize the cost and improve efficiency.

Key products

  • Leather sofas
  • Motion sofas
  • Upholstery beds
  • Mattress

Kuka Advantages

  1. Global brand reputation. As a leading home furniture brand, Kuka is not only famous in China but also enjoys a global reputation.
  2. Strong R&D. With a design and product development team worldwide, Kuka is also an IF design award winner. It has very good R&D advantages over other medium-small furniture companies in China.
  3. Manufacturing capacities. With 5 manufacturing locations in China and 3 modern furniture factories in Mexico and Vietnam. Kuka may have the largest manufacturing capacity for upholstered furniture in the world.
  4. Integrated production. White is not frequently promoted, Kuka also has controls on the key materials such as leather and fabric.

No.3: Suofeiya Home Collection

Brief Introduction

China furniture manufacturers_SUOFEIYA furniture

Founded in 2003, Suofeiya is another famous cabinetry manufacturer in China with the main strength in wardrobe while its competitor Oppein majors in Kitchen cabinets. Located in Guangzhou, Suofeiya might be the first player in customized wardrobe manufacturing and it goes public early in 2011 while most furniture brands in China are not seen on the stock market.

Suofeiya has Over 15 automatic production lines, which are highly customizable, achieving the perfect combination of mass production and personality.

Key Products

  • Wardrobe
  • Kitchen Cabinet
  • TV Cabinet
  • Wine Cabinet

Suofeiya Advantages

  1. Customizable products. Suofeiya claims to open the age of the customized wardrobe industry in China. Its products are highly customizable to meet the personalized needs of the market.
  2. Advanced manufacturing capabilities. Suofeiya factory has 15 advanced automatic production lines. It offers great manufacturing capacity for its wardrobe and other cabinetry products.
  3. Professional design team. Suofeiya has a professional design team to help realize your design.

No.4: Markor Furniture     

Brief Introduction

China furniture manufacturers_Markor

Markor furniture is one of the leading solid wood and upholstery furniture manufacturer in China. Founded in 1990, Makor furniture claims to be a benchmark enterprise of multi-brand, multi-channel and integrated international home furnishings company in China. It has been listed in Shanghai stock market since Nov 27, 2000.

The company has a large-scale, professional, and green production manufacturing base and an intelligent plant with “Internet+” in the top ten cases of industrial applications by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China. Which highly improves its efficiency.

Key Products

  • Solid wood and upholstery sofa
  • Solid wood and upholstery bed
  • Solid wood dining sets
  • Solid wood cabinet

Markor Advantages

  1. Large scale and rich experience on the international market. Markor Furniture has entered furniture manufacturing since 1990 and has grown to be one of the largest furniture manufacturers in China, even Asia. It has a good sales network on the six continents.
  2. Comprehensive product range. Markor home owns multi-brand in China and overseas markets. It has a comprehensive product line covering traditional style, classic style, Prairie style, modern style, country style, Light pop style, neo-modern style, Post-modern style., etc. It also provides living room furniture, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, study room furniture, home accessories.
  3. Intelligent Manufacturing + Green Manufacturing. Markor started its intelligent manufacturing project (MA+FC) in 2012. The aim of the project is to enhance the production of customizable products. By widely adopting the advanced machine and industry robot, combining the big data, it already had the somewhat sophisticated intelligent production line.
  4. C2M Business Model Innovation. C2M is the abbreviation of the customer to the manufacturer. It means that Markor furniture is able to realize customer design with its manufacturing capacity.

No.5 Yihua Lifestyle

Brief Introduction.

China furniture manufacturers_Yihua-lifestyle

Yihua Lifestyle belongs to Yihua Group which was founded in 1995. Yihua Group is a large multinational conglomerate comprising of Living Lifestyle, Medical & Health Care, Real Estate Development, Capital Management, Finance & Insurance as well as Hotel & Tourism. It has been listed on the “Top 500 China Private Enterprises” and “Top 500 China Private Manufacturing Enterprises”.

Yihua Lifestyle, previously known as Yihua Timber, is one of the leading companies in China in the wood flooring, furniture, and sofa sectors. It has changed its name in 2016 and since then it is not only a home furnishings manufacturer but also a lifestyle service provider.

In 2016, Yihua Lifestyle acquired full control of Singaporean sofa company HTL and becomes one of the reputable sofa manufacturers.

Key Products

  • Wood flooring
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Wooden and upholstery Sofas
  • HTL upholstery sofas

Yihua Lifestyle Advantages

  1. Industrial Chain Integration. Yihua has resources on the full industry chain for furniture and wood flooring. It owns and manages forests in Gabon, Africa.
  2. Large scale. Yihua lifestyle owns 16 factories in China which ensure its production capacity.
  3. Global sales network. Yihua Life has registered its trademark in 35 countries and regions, selling products with Yihua’s own brand worldwide. It also has set up wholly-owned subsidiaries and offices in the United States, France, UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, and other regions to expand investment channels. There are more than 2000 furniture distributors in America, and Yihua has become one of the largest investors by Chinese enterprises in Los Angeles.
  4. Y + ECOSYSTEM. Yihua lifestyle has built a Y+ ecosystem to offer one-stop solutions from design to all the physical products and other services such as delivery, aftersales, and maintenance.

No.6: Sleemon Mattress

Brief Introduction:

China Furniture Manufacturers_sleemon mattress

Sleemon is a leading mattress manufacturer in China that was founded in 1984. In over 30 years, it designs, manufactured, and distributes mattresses and furniture for some of the world’s most prominent hospitality and retail brands.

Sleemon has a production capacity of 4 million units per year, it also has control over the industry chain for mattresses to deliver premium quality mattresses to its worldwide customers.

Key Products

  • Mattresses
  • Upholstered furniture

Sleemon Advantages

  1. Healthy and quality products. Sleemon claims to offer healthy and quality products. Through its customers, we can see it is true. Some of their customers are Ikea, Walmart, Shangri-La, Hilton. In 2018, it also has received its endorsement by the Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong (CDAHK) for its foam mattress that uses specialized designs with ergonomics requirements for clinically sound postural support.
  2. Large production capacity. with 8 registered brands in over 800 retail stores. With over 3,500 employees and facilities totaling more than 460,000 m2, Sleemon’s annual capacity reaches 4 million mattresses, making it one of the world’s largest manufacturers of foam and spring mattresses.
  3. Full supply chain control. Sleemon has full control of the industry chain for furniture. From the spring, foam., etc.

No.7: Yotrio Furniture

Brief Introduction:

China furniture manufacturers_YOTRIO FURNITURE

Yotrio Furniture was created in 1992 as a manufacturer of the outdoor umbrella. It then expands its product line to gazebos, swings, and in 2003, Yotrio furniture enriched its product line to the full range of outdoor furniture.

In 2010, it went public in the Shenzhen stock market and since then become one of the top players among china’s outdoor furniture manufacturers with offices in LOS ANGELES, PARIS, COLOGNE, LINHAI. During years of development, it now owns 6 brands, sunvilla, Fortica, Royal Garden, Royal Shade, Creative outdoor solutions, and MWH das original.

Key products:

  • Gazebo
  • Umbrella
  • Swing loungers
  • Wicher Range
  • Mesh Range
  • Sling Range

Yotrio Advantages:

  1. Diversity. With years of development, Yotrio has a full outdoor product line under 6 brands. You may have the chance to have the one-stop solution from Yotrio furniture.
  2. Market reaching designs. With branches worldwide, Yotrio can offer market-reaching designs to help sellers expand their business and bring the end-users with stylish product designs.
  3. Large production capacity with production automation. In 2012, Yotrio adopted advanced automation machines to expand its production capacity and efficiency.
  4. International standard. With America and Europe as its main market. Yotrio products pass both American and European n union test standards.

No.8: Qumei Furniture

Brief Introduction:

China furniture manufacturers_qumei

Qumei is a large-scale and standardized home furnishing group established in 1993. It was started and known for its plywood and solid wood bending techniques, and it is no doubt one of the best in the bending furniture field in China furniture industry. Just as the Chinese character “曲” indicates.

With years of development, it has expanded to a large-scale furniture brand that focuses on indoor furniture with a wide range of product categories.

On April 22, Qumei furniture was listed on the Shanghai stock market and known as QM home furnishings.

Key products:

QM home furnishing mainly focuses on Scandinavian furniture style and is a multi-brand furniture factory. It has 6 brands as follows.

  • Gunar flasig: Quality classic Scandinavian style furniture
  • Sparkling: Simple but magnificent inspired by Italy and German design
  • Vigor: Nordic style targeting young people.
  • Wanmu: Modern Chinese style furniture
  • Freeland: Unique modern furniture
  • Scandinavian sunshine: Classic, simple, and smart Scandinavian design.

Qumei Advantages:

  1. Large Scale. It owns 4 factories covering 400,0000 M2.
  2. Advanced production line. 80% of the QM production line uses German equipment.
  3. Bending wood furniture.
  4. Environment-friendly paints: Water paint coating was applied to all production lines since 2014.

No.9: Mlily Mattress

Brief Introduction.

China furniture factories_Mlily mattress

Mlily mattress is a famous Chinese mattress brand rooted in China and now a global company with factories in different countries including the USA.

Mlily is well known for its Non-Temperature Sensor Zero-pressure memory foam mattress. With over 10 years of research and testing, Mlily has obtained patents for zero-pressure memory foam in many countries.

Founded in 2003, Mlily started the research and production of Non-Temperature Sensor Zero-pressure memory foam, and in 2008, it officially started the now well-known brand Mlily. In 2012, it entered the US market and obtained patents in many countries.

Key products:

  • Mattress
  • Pillows
  • Adjustable bases
  • Mattress Protectors

Mlily Advantages

In the field of mattresses, Mlily has unprecedented advantages over its competitors. According to Mlily itself. We can have the following conclusion:

  1. Creator of Pressure Relieving mattress
  2. Non-Temperature Sensor Pressure Relieving memory foam in many different countries
  3. Pressure Relieving Innovation Leadership of Memory Foam Industry
  4. Selected raw materials with high standard requirements
  5. Strict Control of Production Accuracy
  6. Quality-controlling throughout the process, the same high-quality Safe product quality
  7. Internationally Certified Safe & Secure with SGS authentication, CERTIPUR certification, Honeysuckle Certification.

No.10: Henglin Home Furnishings

Brief Introduction:

China furniture factories_Henglin furniture

Henglin home furnishings is a famous chair manufacturer in China. Its main products are office chairs, sofas, massage chairs, furniture, and other health seat products. It is China’s largest office chair development manufacturer and exporter. Henglin has more than 4,500 domestic employees, the main production base of 400,000 m2, a metal production base of 70,000 m2, and a panel furniture production base of 110,000 m2. We have established branches in Vietnam, Belarus, and South Korea, and acquired the leading Swiss office system company—— Lista Office. The company was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in November 2017 with the stock code 603661.

Key products:

  • Office chairs
  • Massage Chair
  • Sofa
  • Lista office collection

Henglin Advantages

Henglin is no doubt a major player among the manufacturer of chairs. With its large scale, it presents its customer with advantages. According to Henglin’s introduction. Below are the main advantages of Henglin.

  1. Large scale to offer competitively priced chairs
  2. Strong R&D. It invests 3-4% of sales in R&D and innovation every year. It also cooperates with many universities in China to do research on Chairs.
  3. Advanced manufacturing. Henglin fully implements lean manufacturing and “machine substitution”, striving to improve the level of automation, improve production efficiency, and save production costs.
  4. Experience with top buyers such as Walmart, Nitori, Tesco, Argos, Ikea., etc.


Furniture from China is still the main source of furniture. There are more than 100,000 China furniture manufacturers. Though most of them are small to medium-sized furniture factories. Large factories begin to emerge in recent years. Above are the top 10 furniture factories in China which are listed on the stock market. You may try to reach them if you have a large quantity or want to become a distributor of a well-known brand. You may also choose to work with medium-sized manufacturers like BMS which can also offer good products and flexible support. You may also order a free 1-hour consultation if you want to learn more about China furniture industry.


Q: What brands of furniture are made in China?

A: Many furniture brands have factories in China. Most of the furniture you buy from Ikea,, Wayfair, Amazon, home depot, Costco., etc. are made in China.

Q: Is it worth buying furniture from China?

A: Yes. It is worth buying furniture from China. China is the largest exporter of furniture. Here you can have a wide range of choices on styles, materials, price ranges., etc.

Q: Do we import furniture from China?

A: Yes, many furniture stores import furniture from China. They also custom-made furniture in China sometimes.

Q: Is most furniture made in China?

A: Yes. Most furniture is made in China. China exports about 46% of furniture.

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BMS is not as big as the top 10 furniture manufacturers in China, but BMS offers quality products and flexible service to its clients.

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