How to import sofa from China-A Ultimate guide

Sofa from China is available in a variety of styles, materials, and price ranges. Whether you are furniture importers, brand owners, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, interior design studios, contractors, architects, or even individuals, you can benefit from importing sofas from China. In this article, we are going to explain all you need to know about importing sofas from China.

Table of Contents:

  • Why import sofa from China?
  • Sofa from China by material
  • china sofa set price
  • China sofa set online shopping
  • How to choose the right China sofa manufacturers
  • How to choose the right sofas for your furniture business?
  • How to import sofa from China?
  • How to ship sofa from China?
  • How to tackle defects for sofa with China suppliers

Why import sofas from China?

China is the largest sofa manufacturing and export country in the world. In 2019, China has produced and exported over 54% of world sofas.

There are several reasons that you should consider China as your No.1 destination for your furniture business.

  • Unlimited options.

From cheap sofa bed to luxury neo-classical leather sofas, modern, contemporary, Scandinavian, American, rustic, classical, south east Asia style, tuxedo, English roll arm, chesterfield, Camelback, Lawson, Cabriole, Christopher guy, no matter what sofa style you are sourcing, there are good sofa manufacturers in China.

  • Premium quality at competitive price.

The quality of sofa made in China has improved a lot in the past 40 years. A comprehensive quality control system and craftsmanship has already formed.

Many sofa factories started as OEM factory for famous furniture brand in the world. After years of development, China can deliver the top-notch quality in the world.

In addition, there are lots of skilled workers in China. As you may know that the upholstery skills from framing to stitching, to upholstering, good skills are very important for sofas.  

Some of the new importers told me that the price of sofa made in China is not competitive anymore. Yes, there are expensive sofa in China for sure. But It does not mean that it is not competitive anymore. If you compare with same level quality and material, you will think in a different way.

As a matter of fact, there are a variety of price level in China to meet your budget for lower price. It’s all about your positioning, your targeting customers.

  • Sophisticated industry chain.

China not only have the large number of sofa factories, but also a sophisticated industry chain. It allows China sofa factories to have access to unlimited material options. Moreover, it also improves the efficiency for sofa manufacturers in China.

From material, to accessories, to logistic solutions, it’s all very convenient in the major sofa manufacturing clusters. It helps improve the efficiency to let you have very good options importing sofas from China.

  • Large production capacity and fast delivery

For large retail group and projects, enough production capacity is very important to ensure timely delivery. As we have mentioned at the beginning, China is the largest sofa export country in the world. It is a perfect place for large quantity sofa manufacturing.

  • Strong Product development abilities

China has strong product development abilities. With decades of development, there are a large number of designers and PD engineers though still lack of local top designers that can compete with designers from Europe.

Moreover, China is also cooperating international designers from Japan, from Italy, from Korea, from any other areas which are good at industrial design. China won’t let you down if you are targeting high end furniture market.

Sofa from China by style

Sectional sofa from china

The sectional sofa is the most common sofa style on the market. It has a large demand. Each sofa supplier has a sectional sofa collection. You should also include sectional sofas in your collection.

Sectional sofas in China are available in different styles, materials, and cost.

Contemporary sectional sofa, modern sectional sofa, neo-classical sectional sofa, American sectional sofa, Europe sectional sofa, Italian sectional sofa, Japan sectional sofa., etc.

Sectional sofa in fabric, in leather, in synthetic leather, microfiber leather, performance fabric., etc.

blue leather sofas S00716-2

Whatever the style or material you are looking for, you have a good deal ahead of you in China.

BMS as an experienced sectional sofa manufacturer also provides quality modern/contemporary sectional sofa with premium material and top craftsmanship.

For more BMS sectional sofas, please check sectional sofas

modular Sofa from China

Modular sofas are quite flexible. It can be arranged at ease to fit into different spaces. Thus, it becomes a niche category in the sofa market.

Nowadays, modular sofa is in a slowly but rising demand on the market. From the google trends in the last 5 years, we can see it is on a good direction.

Though it is still a niche category, many Chinese sofa factories have a few good modular sofa designs. China could be a good place to go for if you are looking to import modular sofa from China.

BMS noticed the trends and launched several good modular sofas designs from 5 years ago. Click to check the top picks from the BMS sofa collection.

Corner sofa from china

Corner sofas are even in larger demands than sectional sofa on the market. We can easily tell from the google trends (the yellow line).

Corner sofa helps you make a better use of your space. It can be proper arranged right into the corner of the room and it therefore gives extra seating space.

There are many comer sofas options in China due to the large demand on the market.

It’s pretty easy to find a china corner sofa supplier. If there is any problem, it is how to find a reliable factory.

To make sure, you can either visit the factory by yourself, you can use a sourcing agent, or book a third-party factory audit service. Whatever method you use, you will know the real situation of your supplier.

There are 2 types of sourcing agents you may consider.

  1. Specialized sourcing agent that focuses on furniture. Such as simonsense.
  2. Comprehensive sourcing agent who handles whatever products you need. Such as the famous Jingsourcing.

During the covid-19 pandemic, it’s hard to make the trip. To use a professional furniture sourcing agent is an economical way.

An experienced sourcing agent can help you verify the factory, monitoring the quality to set you in peace mind.

Many buyers choose BMS corner sofas because of the beautiful design, superior comfort and flexibility.

Like all upholstered furniture at BMS, BMS corner sofa are customizable in colors, sizes, even comforts. And more importantly, there is no MOQ for customization unless there are large structural changes.

For more BMS Corner sofas, please check BMS corner sofas

Love seats sofas from China

Love seats sofa are a small sofa for two people. It has a stable market performance. A loveseat is quite versatile to fit into different space though sofas are often considered as living room furniture.

sofa with leather and fabric S2008

In China, there is a wide range of loveseat sofas available for your selection. Almost every sofa design can have a loveseat configuration.

At BMS, 95% of the sofa design can custom made a loveseat without MOQ requirement.

We also offer many good loveseat options with market proved sales figures. Here are a few for an idea. For more options, you can leave a message to us and one of our sales reps. will get in touch with you for help.

fabric sofa set 3+1+1 S2007

Recliner sofa china

If you ask me what are the most popular sofa category on the market. I would not hesitate to say recliners.

Just check the below google search trends compared with sectional sofa and corner sofa.

If you are looking for furniture business opportunities, recliner sofa is a good option as there is large demands on the market.

But on the other hand, it is a sophisticated category, the competition is also fierce. You will need good supply chain management skills to reduce the cost.

From the supply end, it also shows the same. The top sofa manufacturers in China like cheers sofa focusing on recliners.

There are many recliner sofa manufacturers in China, if you are interested in those reliable and verified recliner manufacturers, you may order a free consultation here.

Though recliner sofa is not the main sofa category in BMS, we do have a few popular designs that have a proven sales history.

fabric sofas with recliners S1601

Chesterfield sofa from china

Chesterfield sofa never fades. It has a long history. Since it’s invention in 1800’s, it soon becomes popular worldwide.

In China, from cheap chesterfield sofa starting from $200 to high-quality leather chesterfield sofa up to 2000 USD, there is a lot of options available.

Tuxedo sofa from china

Like a chesterfield sofa, the arm and back of a tuxedo sofa is the same height. A tuxedo sofa can be either clean-lined or with a button design. It is often upholstered with fabric.

To me, tuxedo sofa is not very comfortable due to the lack of reclining angle. But it is a classical design with straight lines, there are people like it.

Tuxedo sofa in China are available in loveseats, 3-seater and chairs. Though none of the sofa factories in China focusing on tuxedo sofa, there is one or more in every sofa factory.

Like in BMS, we also have one classical design that our clients love.

sofa with high back S975

Camel back sofa from china

Camelback sofa is a sofa design that with clear characteristics. It has a higher in the center which decedents continuously towards the arm. A camelback sofa often comes with solid wood legs to match with the back.

On the sofa market in China, I mean from the supply end. You will have different choices for the camelback sofa. From Queen Anne-style to modern style camelback sofa, there are options.

Lawson sofa from china

Lawson style sofa is a comfortable design. It featured cushions which are separated with the back frame.

Home sectional sofa extra deep S981

It is a new design compared with chesterfield sofa and camelback sofa. It is quite popular on today’s sofa market. There are many sizes, colors, and materials.

In China, you will have many Lawson style sofa options. And, most of them are customizable.

At BMS, we offer customization on sizes, colors, and comforts. Here listed a few hot selling Lawson style sofa, for more options, you can visit our products page.

English rolled arm sofa china

Unlike the tuxedo sofa, an English rolled arm sofa has a lower armrest compared with the back. Sometimes it has arms so low that it looks even armless. English rolled arm sofa often has a round armrest as the rolled arm in the name indicated.

3 seater leather sofas S1903-S

Another feature for English rolled arm sofa is that is has a tight back cushion, and a plush, large and loose seat.

The style first appeared in the early 20th century and it soon gained popularity. So, it is easy for you to find a good English rolled arm sofa manufacturer.

At BMS, we also provide English rolled arm type sofa such as S1903, S963. Technique speaking, it’s not complete the same. But it has its own treats, it’s timeless yet contemporary.

Chaise lounge from china

Chaise lounge offers a large space for you to lie down on the sofa comfortably.

It can either placed together with a single-arm 3-seater to form an L Shape sofa, or alone in many different spaces.

In a sofa factory, you will definitely have chaise lounge options no matter in China or Vietnam or Poland.

Check the timeless chaise lounge that is available at BMS. It is widely used in the living room, in the bedroom, in the hotel lobby., etc.

living room sectional sofa S956

China sofa chair

A sofa chair is also an armchair that share the same design with a sofa. It is versatile in matching with many different spaces.

For many sofas, you can have sofa chair options, or you can custom made one.

Check BMS sofa chair options.

Sofa from China by material

leather sofa from china

leather sofas are always in a large and stable needs.

Google trends of the leather sofa from 2004 perfectly revealed the truth. From the monthly search volume on Google, we can see that it has a stable and rising demand in the furniture market.

When it comes to leather, people often associate it with premium quality. It prevails on the sofa market for years out of its benefits bringing to consumers.

1. Quality. When people shopping for sofas, a leather sofa is the sign of high quality as leather is associated with top-of-the-line products throughout human history. Many people need leather sofa for their home.

It is necessary to put several good leather sofas into your product line if you are doing home furniture business.


2. Durability.

Because of its natural properties, leather last longer than fabric. It is tough and flexible which makes you feels comfort.

With the improvement of modern tanning process, leather can last longer and don’t fade as it ages. It becomes softer instead. You can feel more comfortable for the aged leather.

3. Easy to clean

Another benefit for a leather sofa is that it is easy to clean. Unlike fabric need to be cared regularly, leather only need maintenance a couple of times a year. When it gets dirty, you can easily clean it with soft cloth.

China produces leather sofas in large scale. To find a leather sofa manufacturer in China is quite simple. But there are several points for you to consider.

1. Work with a sofa factory that specializes in leather sofas. The production for leather sofa required higher skills than fabric sofa. It needs separate mold with fabric sofa.

For sofa factories that focusing on a fabric sofa, it’s unlikely they will have enough skilled workers who can treat the sewing and upholstering of leather sofa well.

2. Carefully select the leather. Though leather often represents high quality. The quality itself varies. From synthetic leather to Napa leather, to nubuck leather, there is a lot to learn. We will blog about it in future articles. Follow us, be the first to know.

3. Understand the difference between half leather and full leather. If you are sourcing for leather sofa from China, you will be familiar with these words.

Full leather means that the whole sofa is made of genuine leather, while half leather means only the part that you can touch when you seat on the sofa is made of genuine leather, other parts of the sofa is synthetic leather.

For a half leather sofa, not only the genuine leather part matters but also the synthetic leather part matters as well. Many factories are using PU leather for that part.

A few premium leather sofa factories are using microfiber leather instead. BMS leather sofas combine full-grain leather with microfiber leather.

Moreover, for some parts of the sofa like the front of the base which most factories use synthetic leather, BMS uses genuine leather. Check BMS leather sofa designs.

Leather sofa and loveseat set S972

If you are new to furniture business, you may not be familiar with microfiber leather.

Microfiber leather is a type of synthetic leather, made from a combination of microfiber non-woven fabric coating with a layer of high-performance PU (polyurethane) resins. In the industry, microfiber leather is considered the latest version and highest quality of synthetic leather.

You may order a sofa made of full microfiber leather, but never order a sofa made of full PU leather. As PU leather can’t stand frequent use.

4. Care about the stitching and upholstery craftsmanship. A leather sofa comes with the cover fixed on the sofa. So, it is important to make sure it is perfectly crafted in the factory.

5. Order a leather swatch for your showroom or project. Seeing is believing, when you are with your customer, it’s important to show them the leather swatches. Don’t save the small money on swatches.

Fabric sofa from china

Fabric is another important sofa material. It is widely used in sofa manufacturing. It has its advantages over leather.

1. More Options. Sofa fabric are available in a variety of colors, patterns and textures. From common linen cotton fabric, to performance fabric, yarn, flocked fabric, canvas, cashmere, chenille, suede., etc. You will have a lot of options. We will blog about sofa fabric in future blogs.

2. Comfort. Compared with leather sofa, a fabric sofa makes people feels soft and warm. A good fabric sofa is quite inviting.

3. Affordable. While premium fabric can be even more expensive than leather, most fabric sofas are more cost friendly compared with leather sofas. That’s why fabric sofa always has its market.

To import fabric sofa from China or other countries, there some important things to consider besides what you often care about.

1. Fixed or flexible cover. Many of your customers will need to clean the sofa fabric cover as the fabric sofa is more likely to get dirty in daily use. To have it done easily, a flexible or detachable cover is necessary.

With flexible sofa cover, your customer can take it off and clean without any trouble. And, they can also change the cover when it ages and color get fade.

2. Water/stain proof. We all know that fabric sofa needs constant care. If you want to reduce the frequency. You can ask for water and stain-proof treatment. Most linen cotton fabric can have this treatment, with an extra cost of about 100 USD per sofa set.

Though it is good to have a water and stain proof sofa cover, not all fabric can have the treatment, remember to consult your supplier or industry expert to avoid claim from the market.

Fabric sofa has been one of the major sofa categories for over 20 years, find some good designs for your furniture market here.

BMS is well known for its fabric sofas in the field. Check BMS fabric sofa collections.

Chinese wood sofa

Chinese wood sofa refers to two kinds of sofas. One is the antique Chinese wood sofa made in solid wood. The popular style is Ming dynasty wood sofa and Qing dynasty wood sofa.

Chinese wood sofa is mostly made from hard wood while sometimes you can find them made of soft wood or bamboo.

Unlike modern sofa, Chinese wood sofa uses no glue or nail, but use joint connections which is one of the greatest inventions by ancient Chinese artisans.

The wood used for Chinese wood sofa are often precious rosewood. And among rose wood, huanghuali, suanzhi and zitan are the most famous and precious.

Zitan is one of the best as it is precious wood that need hundreds of years to become usable. The most common Chinese wooden sofa you can find on the market is made of huanghuali and suanzhi.

Another type of Chinese wood sofa is a combination of solid wood and upholstery cushions. It is also called the new Chinese style sofa.

New Chinese style sofa gained its popularity in recent years as Chinese culture prevails. Many overseas buyers are also looking to buy a new Chinese style sofa as a niche for their business.

China sofa set price

One of the reasons people import sofa from China is that it offers sofas on a large scale and in a wide range of prices.

From a cheap sofa that starts at a wholesale price at $99 to a luxury sofa which equivalent to an Italian branded sofa, you have good options here.

No matter what level of market you are targeting, you will find good sources for sofas in China. One thing that I want to highlight is that the price varies a lot for the same design.

The difference comes from design to material to every details of the sofa.

Though the design is the same, it feels different if the proportion is different. A well-proportioned sofa not only reflects the design, but also the spirit of the designer. It will definitely help attract the attention of customers from the high-end furniture market.

Except the taste for design, materials and craftsmanship also differs. The reflection of the difference on price could be huge.

Come back to the sofa set price, it all depends on what market you are targeting. Common market for large quantity or high-end market for a good profit margin.

BMS has been a premium sofa manufacturer in China for over 24 years of experience. Prices cover 3 levels, entry, premium, and luxury. Click to download catalogs for each range.

China sofa set online shopping

With the fast development of internet, it becomes very convenient to source furniture online from China. It’s even possible for people to order a sofa from China online.

As covid-19 pandemic breaks out in early 2020. Online shopping boomed in most areas of the world. Part of my customers also shifts their focus to online selling.

Internet makes both sofa purchasing and selling online convenient. No matter what furniture business you are in. It’s time to build your online channel.

Let’s take a quick look of how to source sofa and selling sofa online. We will share details in sperate articles as it is now an important topic.

Source sofa online.

There is more than one way of source sofa online. You can either go to google search for a sofa from China or turned to a B2B marketplace such as Alibaba and made in china.

Promoting and Sell online.

Nowadays, every business has an online channel. No matter a Facebook page or a website. It is useful. From my perspective of view, difference business should choose different channels.

For common market which compete on price, B2C marketplace such as eBay, amazon is your best choice. They have a large traffic that you need.

For medium to high-end furniture, to promote on social media and invite people to the showroom is your best strategy.

High-end furniture doesn’t have a good chance in the B2C marketplace as price competition is the core of the common furniture market.

It is very important for the high-end furniture business to have a well-decorated showroom and a professional team with interior design knowledge.

To conclude, whatever market you are targeting, build your online channel, as early as you can. It will bring good business to you. Start it now.

Want to have talk with us? Contact now.

How to choose the right China sofa manufacturers

To have support from reliable suppliers is essential. It’s even more important than your customers. I guess you will agree if you are in business for years.

To find the right China sofa manufacturer for your business need skills. You will need to have the following questions in mind before you get started.

1. Where to find china sofa manufacturers?

2. Where are china sofa manufacturer located?

3. What’s your stand to decide the right manufacturer for your furniture business.

Let’s start with where to find china sofa manufacturers. There are 3 ways to find a sofa manufacturer in China.

1. Attend furniture fairs. It’s the most effective way to find a good sofa factory through a furniture fair. The furniture fair that worth a visit including:

  • CIFF CHINA, twice every year in March and September.
  • Furniture China, held in Shanghai every September
  • Shenzhen furniture fair, held in Shenzhen every March
  • 3F furniture fair held in Dongguan every March
  • Guangzhou Design week.

For more information about China furniture fair, please check the 5 china furniture fairs 2020

2. Source online.

  • Using search engine. To effectively find a supplier, using product keyword factory/manufacturer + Country or place. You will find many results. And with time goes on, you will find more as more and more suppliers goes online.
  • Using B2B platforms. B2B platforms such as Alibaba and made in china gathered many furniture factories from china. Though most of them are small scaled factories, you can find good ones if you take your time. For more about them, please check Alibaba furniture for details.

3. Use a local sourcing agent.

A good sourcing agent have rich supplier resources. They can either recommend proper verified factories according to your positioning or source based on your needs.

If it is not convenient for you to come to China frequently, they can help a lot including factory audit, quality control, loading supervision, document follow up., etc.

Where are china sofa manufacturers located?

You may wonder why it is important to know where sofa manufacturers located when you can easily find a supplier online. Well, in China, we have professional industry clusters where gathered many factories of same products category.

In this way, it increases the efficiency and bring down the cost. A good supplier will probably come from these locations.

In China, there are now 6 major furniture factory locations. Specific to sofa, you can focus on the following cities.

  • Foshan. Foshan is the largest china furniture manufacturer location. It has Lecong, longjiang, and Jiujiang town which is a famous furniture town in China.
  • Dongguan. Dong guan starts as OEM factories and now is good for sofa manufacturing as well as other furniture.
  • Haining. Haining is known as the export sofa cluster. If you are into the common market, Haining is your good location.

How to choose the right sofa manufactures?

There are many sofa manufacturers in China. There are big sofa factories such as Kuka sofa, cheers sofa, zuoyou sofa., etc.

Large factories have their advantages, but it is not suitable for all buyers. It’s important to choose the right suppliers based on your own business.

Big vs small

A big factory supplies large quantity and they can also have competitive prices with their strong supply chain and large scale. At the same time, they will also have large MOQ requirement.

A small sofa factory on the other hand is more flexible to work with. They don’t have the large production capacity as large factories, but they are ideal for retailers and project buyers as they are flexible with customization.

If you are importers, wholesalers, a large sofa factory is your good choice. If you are retailers or interior designers, a medium-size factory-like BMS which is flexible with customization is your ideal choice.


Many furniture shops want to develop their own brand and unique design to differentiate from competitors on the market. You may choose to OEM your products in China.

For OEM products, it is good for the brand furniture business. If you have your own brand, OEM in China is a good option as China has the most sophisticated industry chain. You can realize your design easily compared with other furniture manufacturing countries.

For a small business or non-brand furniture business, we suggest ODM products. ODM products are developed by the factory. Some factories allow you to use your private label.

In the past 20 years, BMS has helped many clients build their private labels. Check the latest customer feedback.

Would you like to let BMS help build your private label? Contact us for details.

Branded China furniture brands distribution/ franchise.

After 40 years of development, China furniture brands start to goes internationally. Among them, the Kuka sofa is the best.

As many China furniture brands can offer quality products that could compete with famous European or American furniture companies, it is also a good choice to distribute famous Chinese furniture brands if you have the investment and experience to do so.

How to choose the right sofa designs for your furniture business

Furniture is a labor-intensive industry. What attracts us might be diversity. There are many styles you can choose from and each style has its market and customer. That’s the charm of the furniture industry. Before you start to find a sofa supplier, do the following:

  • Define your positioning: Target the right customer, then start to search for relevant suppliers.
  • Define the major style: Choose the right style that your customer likes.
  • Define the material for your market: Different market has a different preference for materials, for colors. Define it before you start to source sofa suppliers.
  • Search for suppliers. After the 3 steps, you are clear about what you need, you can now start to source suppliers using the 3 methods we introduced in this article.

How to import sofa from China?

Now you have found your suppliers, you can start with the importing process. Here is a step by step guide for new buyers.

Since we have already shortlisted our sofa suppliers. We can go further with factory audit to finalize our partners.

Factory Audit

A factory audit can divide into two part.

Part 1: Online verify. It’s not hard to find company information online. There are many sites where you can find the registration information of the company you contract. Here I have listed two of them which should be enough.

Here is how you can verify the company registration info online.

Step 1: input the Chinese company name into the search bar, then click in.

Step 2. Check the registration information. There you will see registered capital (only for reference), does not mean that they can pay that amount. The important information is the business scope. If the supplier is a manufacturer, you should find the word “制造” there. If not, the company is probably not a manufacturer but a trader.

However, If the sofa supplier you choose is not a manufacturer. It does not mean that it is bad. Trader sometimes is a better match for your business. There can offer more options and even lower price. 

And for some factories, they will also register trading company for exporting.

The most important thing for a buyer is to find the proper product with good profit margin to sell. Isn’t it?

If your sofa suppliers are from B2B platforms, you can also check the audit report of the supplier.

Let’s take Alibaba as an example.

Enter the companies shop on Alibaba, goes to the company profile. You will see the verified information there. For the example in this case, it is a manufacturing and trading combo for outdoor sofas.

Some companies on Alibaba may not have this verified information. It may mean that the company is not competitive, or it may also mean that the company didn’t spent much on Alibaba channel. For example, the largest sofa factory in China, KUKA sofa, you cannot find its shop on any B2B platform.

As I have mentioned, most suppliers on Alibaba is small to medium sized suppliers.

Another fact about the furniture on Alibaba or any other platform is that cheap furniture sells better there. It’s because that the core for e-commerce is lower price.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. It’s important to enhance the quality control and order management of your Alibaba orders.

There are also good suppliers there, but it will take time to find and verify.

Part 2. Onsite checking.

To do so, an onsite checking is important. If for some reason, you can not come, you can have a video meeting with your supplier or use a good agent. They can handle it very well.

After the factory audit, you can finalize the supplier you want to work with. Now you can focus on the selection of sofa designs.

Tips on sofa selection.

1) Focusing on your targeting market.

2) The right dimension for the right space.

3) Material matters.

4) Customization is important for high end furniture business.

5) Take into consideration matching with other furniture in the room


MOQ is the abbreviation for minimum order quantity. It’s pain for many small buyers. To get a better price, there will be a MOQ requirement. It’s not because the factory wants to sell more, but they can control the cost to offer you a better price.

If you cannot reach the MOQ, you will probably have a higher price.

Where there is a problem, there is the solution. You will have more than one way to deal with the MOQ headache.

1) Focus on one or two suppliers when you are small. In this case, you will have a better chance to get a better deal with your supplier.

2) Take yearly turnover into consideration, not single order.

3) Work with a sourcing agent or trading company who have good relationship with factories.


Payment terms is an important part when you import sofa from China. There are several terms you can negotiate with your supplier.

1) 30% deposit before production and 70% balance before shipment. Most suppliers will start with this term.

2) 30% deposit before production and 70% balance against B/L copy.

3) Deposit by TT and balance in LC

4) Full payment by LC.

5) D/P

6) OA. Most suppliers won’t accept this term unless you are large companies and have good record in sinosure.

For small buyers like retailers, you may need to consolidate cargos from several different suppliers, in this case, you may make payment through your agent.

When it comes to cargo consolidation, it’s necessary to have an agent in China to help you with quality checking, cargo consolidation, custom clearance.

Back to payment, you can also arrange one-time payment to your agent, and your agent will pay RMB to each supplier. For LCL orders, most sofa factories will only accept RMB payment and deal with incoterm EXW.

Choosing to pay through your agent will save both money and trouble. So why not?

Production follow up

Production follow up is a time-consuming job, but it is important to ensure timely delivery. After your order is made to your supplier. Remember to check a few times in between so you can arrange shipment properly.

If you don’t want to waste that time. Leave it to a professional furniture sourcing agent. You may check here for a service.

Quality inspection.

No matter where you find your sofa supplier. Contain the problems in China. Don’t let it happen in your warehouse.

To reduce or eliminate the defects, quality inspection is necessary especially for new suppliers. There are mainly 3 types of inspection available.

1. In-coming inspection. In-coming inspection is to check the materials. It makes sure that the materials used for your order is correct and in proper quality.  

2. Durpo inspection. Dupro is inspection during production. It ensures that each step is properly processed, and the inside material is correct.

3.Final random inspection. The last type of inspection is final random inspection. After production finished and well packed. Randomly check a small number of goods according to AQL standard. Many buyers only do this inspection for their orders.

Except quality inspection. Loading supervision also help you reduce risks. A loading supervision make sure that you all your cargos are loaded in good condition.

How to ship sofa from China?

Shipping cost is not a small part of your landed cost. To arrange the shipment properly will help you reduce your overall cost.


FCL shipment means full container loading. It’s the recommended way of shipment. It saves shipping cost on average. Especially 40 ft containers.

LCL shipment means loose cargo shipment. It is often costly for LCL shipment. It will have an extra handling charges in you choose to ship LCL. If it is not urgent, I do not suggest LCL shipment.

But everything has exceptional. Sometimes, LCL may cheaper than FCL shipment. This happens when the sea freight is unreasonable like in the next half year of 2020, and you choose to ship a 20 ft container. This time, the LCL shipment will be cheaper than 20 ft container shipment.

Choose the right incoterm

In international trading, there are several major incoterms. EXW, FCA, FOB, CIF, DAP, DDP. Here is a chart showing the responsibilities of buyer and shipper under each term. To choose different term means different cost and risk.

FOB is the most frequently used term while some furniture buyers prefer CIF or even DDP. In the case of LCL shipment, many factories only accept EXW terms. It means you need to organize pick up from the factory warehouse and handle everything next.

Work with a good forwarder

The international business is a complicate process. Shit happens during the transportation. A good forwarder can make it easy for you.

Find a local forwarder that is familiar with the import process will help you a lot.

How to calculate the landed cost.

Landed cost help you make decision on if the pricing work with your furniture business. Landed cost normally including the following part.

  • Product cost.
  • Local charge and custom cost at supplier location if you deal with EXW
  • Sea freight
  • Insurance
  • Import duty
  • Local charges at destination.

For different countries, the cost is different, do you want to check your landed cost? Contact me, let’s talk.

Shipping Documents

Documents is an important part of international shipping. Remember to make it clear before you start booking container.

Generally speaking, you will need

  • Commercial invoice and packing list
  • Bill of lading
  • Certificate of origin
  • Fumigation if there is wood packaging
  • Other documents your custom requires.


For a few countries, like Australia, Pakistan, south east Asia. Buyers can have no import duty or reduced import duty if supplier can issue the FTA certificate of origin. Remember to ask your supplier about it.

Shipping Time

To know how long you need to receive your furniture is also important. You need to take the following 3 aspects into consideration.

First, the time for your supplier to finish production. For furniture, normally it will take about 20 to 30 days for upholstery products like sofas, bedframes. For panel furniture, it normally takes 40 to 60 days.

Secondly, the time it takes to transport from loading port to your warehouse. It varies from a week to 40 days depending on your destination.

Thirdly, possible delays. Sometimes delay happens. It may be lack of container, or custom checking. It happens and is out of control. Prepare for it to avoid delay.

How to tackle defects for the sofa from China?

Though defects seldom happen if you have done the quality inspection. Sometimes it happens. You need to know how to tackle with it when it happens.

There are a few important things to remember when you find defects.

1. Check on time. Check on time when you receive it. Normally a supplier will give you warranty according to international standard, 1 year for covers and 3 years for frames. It may happen that a sofa does not sell well and stay in your warehouse for more than 1 year.

If you find the defect after 1 year, it will be out of warranty period. Suppliers have the right to refuse compensation.

2. Take photos. Photos help suppliers to locate the defects and offer proper solutions. Always remember to take photos or videos will be better when you find defects.

3. Solve it in time. Claim to your supplier in time when it happens.


Now you should be clear about what sofas are available for you in China and how to import sofas from China for your furniture business. It’s easy and it’s also complicated.

The furniture industry is a kind of fashion industry.  Popular Styles changes every year. It’s important to keep updated from the supply end.

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