BAM Furniture VS BMS Furniture

BAM furniture? BMS furniture? It’s quite confusing for many BAM clients and BMS customers.

For many times in the furniture fair, I received customers looking for BAM, and sales from BAM furniture are confused when someone went into their booth asking for BMS salespeople.


Quite a lot of customers think that BAM furniture and BMS furniture are the same company, or at least owned by the same boss. But in fact, they are two different companies but both from Foshan furniture city.

BAM furniture is located in Jiujiang town and BMS furniture located in Longjiang town which is known as the China furniture manufacturing base.

It’s quite interesting. Isn’t it?

Let me explain the difference between the two furniture factories. So, you can choose correctly, or you can have just another good option.

Both BAM furniture and BMS furniture are manufacturer and supplier of contemporary home furniture. They even have a few same designs.

Well then, you must wonder what’s the difference between the two companies? OK, let’s look from the view of a 10 years furniture expertise.

BMS furniture VS BAM furniture

1. Business mode:

BAM Furniture is a manufacturing and trading combo while BMS has all its products produced by itself.

2. Factory size:

According to the data declared by BAM furniture itself. They have a bigger size than BMS furniture. BAM furniture has over 1000 staff while BMS has about 200 workers.

However, since BAM has 3 different collections, in terms of contemporary furniture, both companies are of similar size.

3. Founding year

BAM furniture was founded in 2003 while BMS started in 1996. BMS furniture has more experience, especially in sofa category.

4. Collection & Styles.

BAM furniture has 3 collections:

B & M Casa: Contemporary minimalist design

Guchee: Light Luxury

艾佛比·宝马: Modern, fashion

BMS furniture has two collections:

BMSCASA: Italian style Contemporary minimalist design

ELLA LIVING: Luxury Contemporary design

Check more BMS products.

5. Location:

BMS: Longjiang, Foshan

BAM: Jiujiang, Foshan

6. Pricing

In terms of pricing, they are also similar. Why? Two factories located in the same city. So, the cost is similar. If for the same product, one is lower than others, there must be a difference in material and craftsmanship. Make it clear before you place any orders.

A lot of new customers ask me about the BMS advantage over BAM furniture. And some of them are surprised that I introduce my competitors.

Well, Why bother? We, BMS furniture offer good support on our clients and help them increase their brand fame, check below feedback from BMS dealer.

Let’s look at what you can benefit from BMS products and services.

Benefits of Working with BMS furniture

  • Highly marketable design to increase your sales figure. Contemporary design has been proved by the market as rising style in the market. BMS timeless designs can help you catch more customers.
  • Stable high quality to help you build your reputation. BMS has been in the field for over 24 years. From management to workers, it’s quite stable. 95% of the workers has over 5 years’ experience. I bet you will agree that experience and skills are quite important for handmade furniture like sofas. Besides, tests are made thorough out the production process.
  • Flexible customization to meet your customer’s personalized demands. In my opinion, furniture is fashion business as well. People are seeking for unique designs. At BMS, you can have flexibly custom made according to your customer needs.  

Above are major benefits you can enjoy if you choose to work with BMS. There are also other aspects that you will feel happy such as professional team, easy communication, stable Leadtime. I think you will agree with me after cooperation.

Would you like any advice on the China furniture supply market? Contact me, let’s have a talk.

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