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Villa in Dubai 2019

Project Info:

Project Year:2019
Project Type:Villa
Manufacturer:BMS Furniture

Project Details:

  • Villa in Dubai is a new project accomplished in 2019. It was a returning customer who has built a new villa in Dubai. This is the third project customer has worked with BMS.
  • It is a villa on the seaside mountain. The interior style has been finalized by the designer and customer as contemporary. BMS products can perfectly fit into the design.
  • Having finished 2 projects with BMS, customer is very confident with BMS design and quality, so he came back to BMS without any hesitation.
  • After a pre communication, customer made his trip to China in March 2019 and spent a full day in BMS showroom to select products for the villa. Knowing BMS well, it is not hard to find the preferred material which could perfectly match with interior style.
  • DuDuring the selection, a few of items size could not fit the design very well. BMS again used its OEM capacity to custom made for customer. And the results are what we saw from the photos.
  • The consolidation is big trouble for clients who spilt his orders in different suppliers, without a good consolidator. Customer may mess it up as it very important to make sure the loading is in a proper way.
  • Here at BMS, we are willing to offer these help ad value added service to customer as we are familiar with it.

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