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Villa in Chengdu

Project Info:

Project Year:2017
Project Type:Villa
Manufacturer:BMS Furniture

Project Details:

  • Sanjing Villa in Chengdu, China. It was a modern contemporary interior style which BMS furniture fit perfectly into the overall design.
  • On the selection of sofas, designer has chosen one of BMS hot selling sofa S1608. It is a modular sofa with timeless design. It can also be adapted to suit different space. The white color matched with yellow and brown pillows makes the sofa more eye-catching and looks not flat.
  • In the living room, designer also selected armchair MJ1651 which is with American ash solid wood frame and armrest. A thick seat cushion seating on the wood frame, together with the feather down back cushion well balanced the stylish design and comfort.
  • A natural marble center table FJ1703 is also used in the living area which add more modern feeling to the space.
  • Except the living area, BMS also supplied furniture in dining area, bedroom and study room. Dining table CT1618 which could seat 8-10 people is used as the main furniture piece in the dining area. The design is simple which prevails the essence of contemporary interior design styles.
  • In the guest room, the sofa area is a sunken space which cannot easily find a sofa right for the space. So, we decided to custom made a sofa for the project. Firstly, the designer has selected a running model which can perfectly fit with the interior style. The BMS engineer measure the space and custom made the size, shape and color of the sofa. And at last, we get what we saw in the following photo.
  • Throughout the project, BMS endeavored to offer a one-stop solution to customer so they didn't need to waste time searching on the market. Moreover, it could perfectly fit into the interior design style.

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