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Project in the United State

Project Info:

Project Year:2017
Project Type:Villa
Manufacturer:BMS Furniture

Project Details:

  • It is a series of project accomplished by BMS customer from United State, Picture come from different villas located mainly in Miami. In these projects, customer has selected BMS Sectional sofas as the leading role in the living room.
  • During the whole selection period which lasted a few weeks, designer was not only focusing on the design, but also concern on the soft comfortable seating and detail handcraft on each product in the project.
  • The project is characterized by the spacious living room with wide nature scene, paired with BMS light color sofa in minimalist design with flexible combination, offering customer a comfortable relax seating system at home.
  • The entire interior design is very clean and bright, which is perfect style in Miami. From BMS material base, designers mainly chose linen cotton fabric in light grey, beige and white color.
  • A lot of BMS sofa which is designed for large space are utilized in the projects throughout the year.
  • With BMS careful attention to details, all products finally passed customer QC's strict quality inspection and crazy requirements on craftsmanship.
  • During the entire project, the workflow between customer and BMS is smooth and positive. Everything is solved in time despite the time lap between China and the US.
  • Thanks to the efforts from both sides, both parties are satisfied with the final work accomplished together.

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