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Project in Lebanon

Project Info:

Project Year:2017
Project Type:Villa
Manufacturer:BMS Furniture

Project Details:

  • Designed by a UAE customer, customer approved BMS products along the year.
    And this is another satisfied project in Lebanon. Customers selected a series of sofa, armchair, TV cabinet and center table etc… The whole feeling is warm and comfortable.
  • Regarding sofa color, customer had strict requirement on the color selecting, after times of plan preparation on sample, and final confirm this best presentation.
  • Contemporary interior design setting with BMS elegant Sofa, it just blends well to the whole bright room. Nor all existing models can perfectly fit into the size of different space, it is very important to have a manufacturer which can customize the size according to the layout. BMS is one of the manufacturers who are very flexible with customized products, always bring customers the right size, the right color, and thus becomes the MR. Right for its clients.
  • For a project, small or big, many different products will be in needs. It will take a lot of time to get all the furniture, lighting, sanitaryware, kitchen products., etc… It will save significantly both on time and money if there is one supplier who can offer one stop solution.
  • Customer are willing to choose BMS not only because its design and quality, but also its service. At BMS, you can get all furniture at one place.

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