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Apartment for Evergrande

Project Info:

Project Year:2019
Project Type:Apartment
Manufacturer:BMS Furniture

Project Details:

  • These are two prototype rooms for Evergrande, located in Guangdong, China. Evergrande is one of the top real estate companies in China.
  • BMS is the main supplier for furniture in the project which has a large amount after the prototypes are approved.
  • The interior design reflects the modern and minimalism lifestyle. Specific to the project, the designers used colors boldly and breaks the single concept of color matching.
  • In the prototype rooms, designers decorated 2 small apartment which is in large demand on the market. It is suitable for 1 or 2 people to live in. Designers selected some daintier sofas, beds and leisure chair, so the rooms don't look crowded. BMS sofas, most of them are sectional couches. which was custom made on project demand.
  • Two rooms have their own characteristics, each other and it's popular with visitors. Many visitors like to choose BMS products. Give a warm home to clients, that's what BMS furniture all about.

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